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星期六, 四月 18

Conspiracy of the rich by Robert Kiyosaki

Last month, when I visit Chunsi’s blog I found out she was recommended 1 good ebook for us to read on it especially at this recession moment.

The author of this book is Robert Kiyosaki. The bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This is a free online book that Robert Kiyosaki writes on. This book not yet fully finish but is keep on update following the chapter stated in the index.

Title of the book is Conspiracy of The Rich. Sounds correct in our reality world? If you think so, then you are in the right place to go to his website and read on his book.

After I read introduction, Chapter 1 and 2, I had thought through the conspiracy that happens in our country. Actually that is not much different if we compare the conspiracy in our country and US. The rich in the world have same idea and same trick in any corner of the world.

First we can see bailout in US then happens in our country. Bailout is kind of plan that stimulate economy as stated by government. That is true. If we think deeply, do you think the bailout indirectly helping the rich? If the rich can’t get financial support, the economy will continue down. But where they get the bailout money? Rakyat money. Indirectly, is the poor helping the rich. We got no choice in order for economy to back to normal. If the rich can’t survive, a lot of employee in company may face difficulties.

Then, we can see loan tenure in housing and car. Car loan can loan up to 9 years and housing loan can up to 35 years. The trend right now is as low as possible for the down payment. Meaning that we need to pay more interest, and banker is the one benefit from it. In a proper way, we might see that actually it is helping us to own a car with minimum of cash in hand. But in fact, this is the way that bank can make more money.

Following is insurance industry. To the poor, you must have insurance to cover yourself in case you are getting serious ill. So, we must buy insurance to avoid any financial assistance when our health is in red alert. If you are pretty rich do you think you need assistance to pay for your medical treatment? To insurance company, this is the rich can get more petty cash to earn much more money. That is why rich can get richer easily. To us, do you think you can get any fund in order to get richer faster? Actually that is. Personal loan. Then you are getting back into the situation like housing or car loan. If you fail? Declare bankruptcy? But if insurance company almost in the critical financial situation due to wrong investment? Bailout plan can save it.

But I am not suggest that people not buying insurance. We got no choice. We must have it. This is for our future.

We are still in this kind of situation if one day we are still not getting rich.

星期一, 四月 13

GPacket... The End

The End of story for GPacket.

It only last long 3 days. Not yet pay for the stock and can lock my profit for it.

It is enough for me as it already above 10% of my purchase price.

I am not looking so good to the market this week and I think the recent high point that Gpacket can go is about RM 1.00.

So, I made a decision to sell it out.

星期五, 四月 10

GPacket 2.....

GPacket rise 9.5 cent today ! 
Amazing results....

I will sell it on Monday to get my profit.

Don't let the profit run away !.....

Another cheerful week.

星期三, 四月 8


Today KLCI drop another 6 points before closing at 5 pm and make a total 12 points drop in today's market.

Anyway, I don't know whether I am making a correct decision by making an entry right now.
I always heard that correction to KLCI soon. 
I also see KLCI already up for about 3 weeks.

What make me choose GPacket?
I saw the share prices is at almost bottom of the price and I make a resistance line at 0.80.
And there is blue line cross red line in MACD and Schotastic. RSI also at below the low level.
I think there is room for Gpacket to up.
So, I make the decision to by 20 x 100 of this stock.
Hope my decision based on technical analysis is not wrong.
If not, I need to brush up my skill again.

星期六, 四月 4

US market overview

Dow Jones Index is so bullish in March, from the figure above we shall see a lot of long long white candle. In a whole month, there is only a little black candle and all the black candle is short compare to white candle.

In a month, the index rise from 6600 level to 8000 level.  on 10th March and 23rd March, these 2 white candle that help the index a lot in breaking the resistance level and climb to a new high level.

For the coming week, will DJIA continue survive in 8000 points? 

I read an article in Bloomberg just now and what I saw is US may suffer further job losses in coming month. This indicates that the bearish may start on next week. 

In my opinion, US market may not so bullish as in March and it may float at the level of 7400-7800. 

Economic event for the following week are:

Tuesday   -    October Consumer Credit
Wednesday -  Crude Inventories and Wholesale Inventories
Thursday   -   Initials Claim ended on March 28, Trade Balance

Stock to focus next week:

星期四, 四月 2


This week I guess KLCI will floating around 860, I made a mistake. Did not consider the new PM factor...

This week I guess most of the stock may drop after 1 week bullish run, I made a mistake. Continue second week of bullish run.

Yesterday night, I found out SPSETIA meet my 3 signals. RSI lower than 20%, MACD at lower point and the price touch Bollinger Band, I should make an entry. But, I made a wrong decision by waiting. And today, 1 day up 30 cents. what a waste. 

Right now, I got nothing can do, and I need do wait the water-fall... most of the stock are in higher price and it is not advisable for me to enter the market right now. 

After new PM sworn in, will the market keeping up or down? any signal to me?
I do not know. Who can provide me some signal?

Next week, tri-election is coming...

星期一, 三月 30

Exit Successfully

Yes, success to exit with profit last week. Manage to sell Resorts at 2.23.
Actually I put sell price at 2.17 before market open. Who knows when market open high in Friday, then slowly decline until the end.

This week, from what I saw after market close today, I think we might plan to select some stock to play. This week may see bearish move. 
Maybank drop a lot in a day. May start to plan the best price to enter for it.

After a week bullish, this week KLCI may fall around 860 level.

Stock to watch in my mind : Maybank, Resorts, Zelan, E&O.